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Helping Teams Succeed in Trying Times

March 19, 2020

I did 3 normal things today that made me feel really good which I hope translates into me being a strong leader for our team in these trying times. (Normal meaning they had nothing to do with COVID-19 contingency plans for the business and my team).

(1) I took my dog for a walk – the air was great for both of us and her crazy butt wag made me smile. This cleared my head for some challenging situations I need to face.

(2) I danced while making dinner – probably TMI for this blog but this is my norm…lol! I got rid of a lot of stress and it made me smile and laugh as my son groaned like usual!

(3) I analyzed phone calls and emails for a client to figure out why they got such a bad online review and how to prevent in the future. This last activity really felt good because it is so normal for us! And it got me thinking…yes we are a firm that designs and delivers customized individual & group coaching & training sessions but we do so much more. Group skill development opportunities are taking a big hit now as not everyone can go virtual. If your company is still servicing clients and you want to maintain/enhance the level of service provided, we can help without putting together a learning event.

Our team members have between 10 and 25 years experience in analyzing skills, phone calls & emails and providing helpful and immediately applicable feedback. We either deliver the feedback for you or we help you deliver it. We do the same for supervisors and managers to help them improve skills without a formal learning event.

How can we help you? #newnormal #customerservicetraining #leadershiptraining #individual coaching

Stay healthy!

Linda Berke, President, Taylor Performance Solutions