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Growing Sales through Service

May 11, 2019

Are you a business owner or manager tasked with the job of looking for ways to grow your business and possibly do things differently this year?  In today’s economy companies often find themselves examining their sales processes and thinking about what they should do differently to grow the business and deepen loyalty.

The traditional approach to growing sales is to push your sales people by increasing goals or adding to the sales team to increase your coverage of the market. This can obviously help grow the business.

Another way to grow sales is to tap into the wealth of opportunity that lies in your service department or with your front line employees who interact with customers on a daily basis.   Encourage your customer service representatives or your front line staff to embrace the following and they can help the business grow sales through their daily interactions:

Loyal customers are return customers and loyal customers refer you to others.

Your customers are your competition’s prospects. Do everything you can to develop loyalty by exceeding their expectations. Go the extra step with each interaction and imagine that your competition is right behind your customer or getting ready to call them.

Good service includes selling to customer’s needs.

Every customer interaction is a sales opportunity. Top service people usually have many of the same competencies and skills as top sales people. They are good listeners, they are good problem solvers and they know how to talk to customers. Encourage your service representatives or front line employees to engage in conversations and learn about customer’s needs now and for the future.

Business growth and job stability is a team effort.

Everyone in the organization contributes to the growth of the company. Every interaction your customer service representatives or front line employees have with the customer is a critical moment. Remind employees that the customer is the one who is actually paying them and determining the success of the company.