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Professional Excellence Series

Running Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are a normal part of getting things done in an organization yet most people dread going to meetings. Why is that? Usually because the meeting leaders make the top ten most common mistakes and are destined to run meetings that are inefficient and ineffective.

Running Effective Business Meeting training focuses on what makes meetings effective and easy ways to incorporate these techniques and skills, to be more productive and enhance your professional image. Attendees get hands on practice and feedback from a professional facilitator.

Influencing Without Authority

Often, the ability to influence others without authority is critical to advancement within an organization. Influencing without Authority training focuses on the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to influence internally. Enhancing ability to internally influence others enables professionals to increase productivity, reduce potential conflict, manage expectations, advance in career and build strong relationships.

Win-Win Negotiation Skills

The ability to reach a Win-Win outcome when negotiating with internal clients, external vendors or external clients is a critical competency for any professional that strives to build long-term relationships. Win-Win Negotiation training focuses on the best practices of the world’s top negotiators and the ways they achieve success.

In this class, participants learn:

  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • How your negotiation style affects your outcome
  • How to best adapt to another person’s negotiation style
  • The skills needed to control the negotiation process
  • How to manage resistance or objections

High Impact Presentation Skills

The ability to present confidently and deliver clear, concise, impactful messages is an essential skill for today’s business professionals. This program provides the opportunity to immediately improve your presentation skills by preparing, practicing and delivering presentations in a safe environment with professional feedback.

Attend this training to:

  • Improve the organization and look of your presentations
  • Improve speech and body language to strengthen the message impact
  • Increase confidence and reduce potential anxiety with speaking to groups

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