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Participant Feedback

Supervisor Training Participants

Thank you for all you and Christine have done to help making us better people !

Thank you very much Linda/Christine for everything. We’ll make sure we keep the ball rolling.

Thank for you putting your time (job) in with us. My life has and will continue to change from your training

From the bottom of my heart these meeting have been an eye opener for me. These meetings are bringing our team closer ( as Professionals).

My time with you was such a game changer for me. I can’t thank you enough.

Sales Training Participants

Hello Linda, I got the chance to use what I learned from you yesterday and got 2 leads already in 1 hour. Thank you

Thank you Linda!!! I really appreciate your tips and comments. They’ve helps SOOO much!  Yesterday I actually had 3 different calls where I got to use nearly everything we discussed on Tuesday. After applying some of the new techniques we learned, I got an appointment, a lead, and a few potentials interested in more info. I also got a reply from an email I sent out after adding in your adjustments and fitting them to my style. So thanks bunches . You’re training is already paying off.

We are so lucky to have a coach like you and I will certainly inform you about the PowerPoint presentation . Thanks for all your great comments .

Wonderful class. Please provide more of these types of professional/personal development classes!

I believe that I currently am a good sales person, but am happy to admit that this class will definitely enhance my skills.

I am very fortunate to have been part of your trainings and the impact they have made on me personally and professionally….Thank you

We learned so much from you . Thank you so much !

Presentation Skills Training Participants

Hi Linda, I just wanted to say thanks a million for all you help getting ready for my presentation. I think that if I tell people now that I have presentation anxiety, they won’t believe me! The minute I stood up and opened my mouth on Thursday, I was completely calm. I was able to smile and joke a little, and I enjoyed it! I think I have learned that the key is to be super-prepared and rehearse. I think learning a framework of how to start the presentation set it off to be successful.

I learned so much in the presentations class last week. Thank you. I especially liked the two video taped presentations, the overall feedback, questions from peers and help on particularly unclear slides.

I was pleasantly surprised at how valuable this class was. I got a lot out of the exercises and constructive feedback from both the instructor and classmates.

Customer Service Training Participants

Hi Linda, Thank you for the customer service training yesterday. I really liked how it was interactive and allowed is to put ourselves in the patients shoes.

Hi Linda and Christine, Thank you for the training. We really appreciated that it was very interactive which allowed us to practice some of the techniques we were going over. The teaching style and the enthusiasm that was present during the training helped us learn.