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Sales and Negotiations Training Solutions

For Teams and Individuals Looking to Enhance or Learn Selling and Negotiating Skills

Teams – Do you want to give your team the opportunity to enhance their skills and bring in more business?  If the skills of your sales team are holding your business back or if it is time to re-energize your team, the TAYLOR team can help. We have over 17 years of experience supporting businesses that want to:

  • Develop a Sales Culture
  • Enhance their Sales Process
  • Improve the Skills of their Salespeople
  • Develop Strong Sales Managers
  • Deepen Existing Customer Relationships through Cross Selling and Up Selling
  • Meet Growth Goals through the Acquisition of New Customers

Individuals – Do you want to learn or enhance your selling and negotiating skills? If you want to sharpen your skills and increase your sales or learn how to sell to prepare for your next step in your career, we can help. The TAYLOR team has helped sales people in many industries and our individual coaching plans are customized to meet your needs and your budget. Individual coaching plans include assessments, mini workshops, role-plays with helpful feedback, email assessments, feedback on prospecting and sales strategies and more.

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All custom solutions can be designed for individual coaching sessions and group coaching sessions. You can choose from in-person classroom sessions, live streamed virtual sessions, instructor led interactive webinars and online learning.


TAYLOR’s comprehensive sales training and negotiations training solutions include consulting with management to create the necessary foundation for a strong sales culture, developing fully customized training to develop the skills of the sales force, coaching individuals to help them reach their highest potential and working with the sales managers to support them with continuing the skill development of their salespeople.

Customized Sales Training and Negotiations Training Solutions

Sales training is an important component to a sales improvement solution and should be more than just a motivational speech. Our trainers do not just lecture your salespeople and tell them how to sell. During the training, your employees learn how to use the best techniques, practice using the techniques, receive feedback, and then apply the techniques to real situations/customers. Every topic is immediately applicable to your business, your customers, your products/services and the skills of your salespeople.

The TAYLOR customization process allows your sales people to come to sales training with real sales opportunities or sales challenges and leave with ways to solve the challenges and pursue the opportunities.

TAYLOR utilizes a comprehensive customization process to develop sales training programs to change behavior, improve mindset and develop skills. Our sales coaches have been high performing salespeople in previous careers and are still selling to businesses and individuals. This background of real world selling experience, adult training and development experience and a wide variety of industry experience is a combination that results in powerful training for your team.

Contact us at (800) 610-8170 or for more information about how our team can help your team succeed in sales.

Customizable Selling Approaches

Depending on your business approach to selling and the best way to develop your customer relationships, the TAYLOR team will customize a training program using one of (or a blend of) the following selling philosophies:

Consultative Selling – The Consultative Selling philosophy puts your salesperson in the role of a consultant focused on identifying ways that your products and services can help the customer succeed. This approach is appropriate for many industries and for a variety of sales cycles, from one call to multiple calls. Consultative sales can be used for “business to business” or “business to consumer sales”.

Solution Selling – The Solution Selling philosophy emphasizes the solutions your products and services provide for your customer base. This approach is also appropriate for a variety of sales cycles and is especially beneficial if your customers already have the product or service provided by the competition.

Strategic Selling – The Strategic Selling philosophy is appropriate for the complex business-to-business sales with sales cycles longer than one month with more than two meetings.

Call (800) 610-8170 for the titles of our Sales Training Modules for Sales Teams and Sales Managers

TAYLOR’s sales training programs are fully customized and during the training, many participants think we work for their company. We care about our clients and take the time to learn about their business, their competition, their market and their team. Every topic we cover is immediately applicable and will increase sales if used consistently.

Negotiations Training

The ability to reach a Win-Win outcome at the end of a sales cycle is a critical competency for any salesperson that strives to build long-term relationships with your customers. To build strong, profitable relationships, and avoid leaving money on the table, the salesperson needs to be aware of:

  • His/her negotiating style
  • The customer’s negotiation style
  • How to best adapt to another person’s negotiation style without leaving money on the table
  • How to identify when a negotiation is occurring during the sales process
  • The most effective way to prepare for the negotiation
  • The skills and techniques to use during the negotiation dialogue
  • How to manage resistance or objections

Contact us to design a skill building, interactive, customized negotiations training to support you with your specific negotiation process. Your salespeople will practice what they learn using your sales contracts, agreements, customer profiles and products. They will leave with a plan for their next negotiation with the ability to immediately use the skills and techniques in their next customer negotiation.

Our ideas are fresh, the techniques are proven and participants leave the training energized and with a more fully developed skill set.