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Instructional Design Solutions

Does your business need to…

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes new employees to be fully productive?
  • Help employees immediately utilize what they learn in training?
  • Support employees with understanding technical and complex material?
  • Help employees retain the information they learn in training to be more effective in their jobs?
  • Help employees learn and sell a new product quickly?
  • Ensure that employees can safely and effectively utilize new equipment?

If you want to support your training team with additional resources or if your business does not have a comprehensive training team, we can develop a fully customized training curriculum to support your business goals.

Our experienced instructional designers will utilize your existing programs or will design original training materials to meet your business needs.

Curriculum Development

Our process for full curriculum development includes all or some of the following steps to ensure that the training solutions meet your business needs:

  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Training design
  • Design of interventions needed to support business goals
  • Training delivery
  • Internal trainer certification
  • Measurement of training
  • Follow up to ensure success

We can design training curricula to support your business in the following areas:

  • New Hire Training
  • Proprietary Products and Services
  • Performance Management for Managers and Staff
  • Customer Service Process and Communication Skills
  • Sales Process and Selling Skills
  • Introduction of a New Product or Service