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Who We Are – Trusted Partners to Great Clients for 20 Years!

All custom solutions can be designed as in-person classroom sessions, live streamed virtual sessions, instructor led interactive webinars and online learning.

Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

Taylor Performance Solutions is a certified WBE training and consulting firm based on Long Island, New York. We specialize in designing and delivering customized, professional skills training programs for businesses, organizations and individuals that want to increase their effectiveness and improve their results. With almost 100% customer return rate, we are proud that our clients call on us for customized sales training, customer service training, leadership training and more.

Experienced Instructional Staff

The staff of Taylor Performance Solutions has extensive backgrounds in Corporate Training with successful experience in business consulting, instructional design and training delivery.

Our extensive, combined years of experience in Training and Organizational Development saves our clients time and increases their confidence in the process. Our deep and varied industry knowledge and business experience enable us to develop programs efficiently and provide insight to your management team. Our delivery style is interactive and dynamic and we do not simply read from the book. We engage your employees in the process.

Training That Aligns to Your Industry and Your Business

Taylor Performance Solutions clients come from a variety of industries and have between 20 and 20,000 employees. We believe that every business is unique and the training and consulting solutions should be unique as well. We listen to our clients and work closely with them to develop solutions tailored to their needs.

All business training and consulting solutions are geared towards helping you improve business results. Pre-training assessments and post training follow up ensures that the training investment meets our client’s needs. We do not reinvent the wheel — we re-do the wheel for your business. There are proven concepts, skills and techniques that do not need to change. We focus on adjusting the proven skills and techniques so it makes sense for your business and employees.

Business Knowledge That Your Employees Really Use

We bring knowledge and skill together to make positive changes in behavior that bring powerful results! We help your employees understand what they need to know and how they need to use this knowledge when they are communicating with customers or other employees. There are also plenty of practice opportunities during training to help ensure that the training sticks.

Training works when you integrate it into the systems and processes of the business. We consult with our clients on how to integrate what employees learn into what they do at the workplace. We continually update our materials and ideas to support the changing needs of our clients.