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Why Hire a Professional Resumé Writer?

September 9, 2020

If you are one of the 38.6 Million who Have Filed For Unemployment Since March, you know the stress and challenges that come with navigating a job search during a pandemic.


Who is hiring? How do I write my resumé? How do I make my resumé stand out and get recognized?  How do I address gaps in employment or lay-offs? How do I change careers? What belongs on a resumé and what doesn’t? (See the “Test Your Resumé Knowledge below)


These are concerns we hear first hand from folks who have not been on the job market in a long time and those who need a little support with handling the challenges of 2020.


Whatever your unique circumstances, now more than ever, hiring a Professional Resume Writer who is a PARW/CC Member will help you in your job search and set you up for success.


Advantage – Professional Resumé Writers are Always Learning and Paying Attention to How We Can Help Our Clients Gain a Competitive Edge (ahead of potentially hundreds or thousands of other applicants)

How do you stand out in a sea of applicants? It’s tough these days. So many talented people are entering the job market, looking for many of the same positions. There are plenty of options to get help with your resumé and choosing a Professional Resumé Writer is often the best option.


Professional Resumé Writers, especially those in the PARW/CC network, know what hiring managers are looking for and are always up to date on the “Do’s and Don’ts of a Resumé”. We help our clients gain a competitive edge through personalized materials and a customized approach.


When you work with a professional resumé writer, you receive support throughout the entire job search process based on what you need. Here are some of the ways the Taylor Performance Solutions team can help:


  • Work with you to find job opportunities that fit your skills and experience
  • Create multiple resumé versions for each job opportunity
  • Coach you on how to successfully network to generate warm leads for job opportunities
  • Help you sell your “value” both in your resumé and in an interview
  • Coach you on your interview effectiveness
  • Work with you to create a LinkedIn profile that captures recruiters’ attention
  • Create unique cover letters that resonate with the reader
  • Research the job opportunities in detail and build keywords in to your resumé so applicant tracking systems (ATS) select you first

Our clients always have a choice on which services to use and our goals are always (1) help you get interviews and (2) rock those interviews!

Test Your Resumé Knowledge 

Which of the following should NOT be on a 2020 Resumé?

Full Street Address




“References Available Upon Request”


If you would like to answer this quick knowledge test, go to the Taylor Performance Solutions LinkedIn page and respond in the comments –

Let us know if we can help you find your dream job. Email us at or call (800) 610-8170. All of our work can be completed virtually to keep you and loved ones safe in these trying times.