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Listen Up!
February 12, 2012

Listening – A Critical Skill to Advance in Your Career In the last conversation you had with a business colleague – do you remember more of what you said or of what he/she said? Have you ever found yourself not listening to a family member but waiting for your turn to talk? The number one complaint that people have of others in either business or personal relationships is “He/she does not listen to me.” Listening is the most important communication […]

Why Didn’t the Sales Training Work?
February 12, 2012

If your organization is not incrementally increasing sales after you conducted sales training, there are many possible reasons. It could be a competitive issue, a lack of strategic application of a sales process, a product deficiency, ineffective hiring practices or a price war. While it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason or reasons sales did not increase, this may be an excellent opportunity to examine your training strategy to determine if your sales training is not hitting the […]

Watch Your Language
October 19, 2011

Watch Your Language Remember that saying, “Watch Your Language” or “Don’t say that!”? Adults say this to kids when they use inappropriate language. This was the negative response invoked when we cursed, when we told the truth but insulted someone, or just said the wrong thing in certain situations. Remember, “Mommy, why is that lady so fat?”…”Ewww, your dress is ugly.” or “This tastes bad.”? Fast forward to adulthood…do we ever outgrow this advice? No, we don’t. As professionals, we […]

Upcoming Train the Trainer Public Workshop
September 16, 2011

Train the Trainer Public Workshop Second Quarter 2012 – Call 800-610-8170 for Date or email us at Melville, New York 9 am to 5 pm both days Employees will be excited about attending training when they know that their instructor will be dynamic, organized and focused on helping them learn. Our Train the Trainer helps you identify your strengths and development needs and provides you with the feedback and practice you need to improve. • 75% of the workshop […]

Talent Management to Remain Competitive
August 11, 2011

It has been an interesting year for talent management because our clients all approached it in their own unique way. Starting in late 2010, many large, global businesses had training budgets for the first time since 2008. Since there was often turnover in these companies and the competitive landscape had changed in the two years, identifying specifically what to offer the employees was a challenge. In 2011, many smaller companies decided to offer training for the first time ever. This […]

Success in Sales in a Troubled Economy
August 11, 2011

Three Approaches Our Clients Took to Increase Sales in a Troubling Economy 1. Solid Strategy Over the past 12 months, many of our clients focused on developing solid sales strategies. Whether the strategy was for the year, the client relationship or their next client meeting, they were specific and well thought out. Since the strategies were specific, results and success could be measured by an increase in the number of sales appointments, an increase in sales and a more loyal […]

Managers and Business Owners Is it time to protect your training investment
April 15, 2011

Training can only bring employees so far and then it is up to management and the employees themselves to reinforce what was learned in training and make it stick long-term. So, how do you know it is time to reinforce so you can protect your investment of time and money? Here are two easy steps: 1) Ask Your Employee to Assess Ideal Timing – One or Two Weeks after Training Depending on the skill your employee learned, sometimes asking a […]

ALL Training Should be Applicable to the Employees Attending the Training
April 15, 2011

Last year, I attended a meeting where the presenter gave some dismal information about the percentage of training that can be applied to an employee’s daily job activities. It was somewhere between 45% and around 65%. So, what’s the big deal. If the employee attending training makes $20 per hour and 2 hours of the training are not applicable, you are only wasting $40. But, multiply that by 20, 40 or 100 employees attending training and the waste adds up. […]

Talent Management What is your plan
April 2, 2011

Top performing companies engage in a talent management process that is strategic and planned. A structured talent management program within your organization can help you: Increase Revenue Improve Customer Satisfaction Ensure Quality Products and Services Increase Productivity Reduce Costs What type of training can you provide your employees to follow through on a strategic talent management initiative? This is what our clients tell us: Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring Skills New Hire On the Job Training Skills Communication and Team Building […]

Top Five Negotiation Behaviors
April 2, 2011

#1 – Learn – Before you move from the selling phase to the negotiating phase of the sales cycle, learn as much as possible about the needs of your client. Understand how the client defines value, know the client’s business priorities and who/what you are competing with for the business. Negotiate from a point of value and not price. #2 – Think before you speak – Use pauses strategically. You do not have to fill the void if no one […]